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Depop is currently my main job - I graduated in maths and French a couple of years ago, then I had an office job for a year, before biting the bullet in January and deciding to do what I really wanted - I've always at my core felt like a creative over everything else so it felt like a fantastic release. I do some freelance writing on the side too as writing is another of my passions. 


As a child, I loved all things arts and crafts. One of my first memories is drawing with my best friend in the playground at lunchtime. Art was my favourite subject at primary school and then it swiftly moved to Textiles at secondary school. When I was 6, I told everyone that my mum was an artist because my favourite thing to do was to paint with her (even though she really worked for the NHS). When I was 14, if you’d asked me what I wanted to be when I was older… I’d have said I wanted to be a fashion designer. 

Growing up through secondary school, I got good marks in a lot of different subjects beyond art like Languages, English and Maths and when it was time to look at Universities I thought perhaps Maths would be the best subject to pursue because well, I guess it seemed the most impressive? A lot of my best friends wanted to do Science, Veterinary and Engineering and so Maths fitted into that ‘social structure’. In the end, I threw a Language in the mix too and went and studied Maths and French for 4 years. 

For 5 years from the age of 18, I can’t say I pursued much creatively and at times I knew I missed it but I don’t think I ever really reflected on what I had been missing until I came to the end of my first job at the beginning of 2019. Post graduation, I had been incredibly confused about what I wanted to do because nothing felt at all exciting. I had worked for a year in a job that I felt was ‘fine’ at best but left because I was getting increasingly bored. In my new job hunt I felt that I should be looking for a use for the degree that I had worked for 4 years to obtain but with every job listing I saw and with every recruiter I spoke to, I developed a very bland perception on the world of work and an ever growing urge to curl up in a ball and hide. 

In many ways Depop really was my saviour. Like so many full-time Depopers, I had started selling my old clothes on the platform when I was still at uni and had quickly realised its potential as an earner. I had started buying second-hand clothing and selling it on for a profit and before I knew it I had bought myself lighting, a tripod, a backdrop and was spending my free time between lectures taking photos or popping out to the post office to send orders. 

So fast-forward to early 2019 and I was feeling pretty lost. After several uninspiring job interviews and more then several long chats with friends and family, I decided to take a break from the incessant job hunt and focus on some hobbies for a while. What I didn’t realise at the time was that my hobby was going to turn into my job. I started off selling old clothes from my wardrobe, then buying and selling second hand from charity shops. Now I’m buying wholesale vintage and up-cycling pre-loved clothes, creating prints and one-off hand-painted items and manipulating fabrics with dyeing and bleaching techniques. It’s been a year since I went full time with Depop and now I’m selling on ASOS Marketplace too; supporting myself and working on every aspect of my business from buying to designing to customer service to finance. I feel like I have only just begun, especially creatively and I have so many ideas for my shop in 2020. When I think back to my 14 year old self and how she might feel if she knew what she’d be doing today, it makes me feel really happy. I’ve gone back to doing what I had always loved and because of that it’s easy to get out of bed in the morning. For that, I will be eternally grateful to Depop. 

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