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Have you ever looked in the wardrobe and realised the clothes looking back at you do not represent your style or creativity anymore? I had evolved from just trying to fit in and go unnoticed to actually wanting my style to reflect me as an individual and go unbothered by the opinions people held from the clothes I actually wanted to wear. It was coming to the end of second year at university when @theplantbase was born.

I had the idea to sell all my clothes on depop and start over and authentically be me. When all was said and done I had fallen in love with the sustainable environmentally friendly concept of reselling clothes and becoming a part of a community in love with fashion and creativity while still being sustainable. Excited by the ability to build, change and evolve my aesthetic whenever I wanted.

Although I am still growing The Plant Base, when the first lockdown hit we can all admit we had plenty of time on our hands which after a while began to start driving us mad. Which in turn allowed me to fall back in love with painting. I had studied Art and Design during GCSE’ and A-Levels and was always drawn to realism art like Tjalf Sparnaay, which I have since combined with my never ending obsession of animation.

So I set up @theartbase on Depop, Etsy and Instagram where I create customised lighters, paintings and glass slabs. Which has allowed me to stay connected to a passion of mine which had been long forgotten when I started university and I've never looked back. If I can give any advice on starting a business it would be making sure you are truly passionate about it. As without a love for what you are creating or selling there is nothing to stop you from giving up on those not so great days.

Written by Hazel Mutabazi, @hazel_mutabazi, @theartbase, @theplantbase Photography by Rachel Alice Campbell @portinastorm

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