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Do you think Depop follows trends or creates the trends?

‘Depop is creating trends for sure. You can see definite Depop influences in the latest catwalk shows and even trends for reworked items are being re-created in new items with a lot of brands trying to capture that aesthetic.’

How do you think Depop has revolutionised thrifting?

‘Depop has made it possible for people with an interest in thrifting and an eye for picking out special, wearable and relevant pieces to present those to the masses in a way that feels fresh and desirable.’

Why do you think Depop has such a powerful hold on current trends?

‘Depop has really disrupted the high street and fast fashion industry at a time where it was really needed. First and foremost from a sustainability point of view but also from an individuality point of view. Anything disruptive or new within the industry always attracts attention and at the moment it feels like Depop are leading the way.’

Do you think people will always chose Depop as a shopping platform or go out and thrift for themselves?

‘We feel that there is a level of skill and intuition involved with successful thrifting that not everyone has or has the confidence to go out and do. It also takes a huge amount of sustained time and effort that not everyone is in the position to be able to do. So, Depop for these reasons works very well, in that it has captured both a large number of sellers and buyers to whom the platform is mutually beneficial’

What are your current favourite trends right now?

‘We are loving the 80’s glam trend and anything that is western or cowboy influenced!’

Is it daunting running a shop and keeping up with the ever changing trends?

‘No, we really thrive on keeping on top of or even ahead of the trends. It’s something we are truly passionate about and slightly addicted to!’

What is the biggest trend on Depop right now?

‘It’s tricky to give one answer to this question as there are so many trends circulating at any one time for different sectors and aesthetics on Depop. There really is something for absolutely everyone interested in fashion!’

Do you think Depop is popular purely because it’s main audience are the Gen-Z generation and are most impressionable?

‘We feel that Depop is popular largely down to its accessibility and inclusivity.’

Why do you think the current generation are so obsessed with Depop?

‘Depop challenges the fast fashion model in that it promotes freedom and creative expression. It’s sellers cater for so many different taste levels and aesthetics and we think this is the appeal. Nobody feels alienated.’

Do you ever feel pressured to stay in the loop with the trends yourself?

‘Not so much pressure but a genuine passion and innate drive to do so!’

Where do you think your shop lies alongside mainstream trends? Do you try and style outside the box or follow?

‘We do a bit of both. We provide a curated selection of very wearable pieces along with some real statement pieces that all sit under the WILEW aesthetic.’

How is Depop defining a new style for a new generation?

‘Depop are redefining young fashion by marrying a genuine interest in sustainability with an ‘anything goes’ ethos that feels really relevant.’

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