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How would you describe Rate Cutes style and vibe?

‘Cute, sassy and sustainable.’

When did Rate Cute start up on Depop and what were the struggles you underwent (if any!) and how did you overcome them?

‘I think I started using Depop properly for my brand about a year and a half ago - I actually use my own website as my main platform because at that time on Depop I was still using my old username that I used to just sell my old clothes on so for a while I found it quite hard to really get my brand across on Depop. I’ve finally put the time and effort into my Depop - changed my branding to be Rate Cute and stepped up the photography so it now reflects myself and the brand a lot better.’

Do you feel Depop was the best way to kick start your brand?

‘I definitely found it a good way to start because it’s a great way to get your brand seen and out there to new people, as well as getting you used to marketing your products and seeing what sells best.’

You've got a super funky and highly followed shop. Can you tell us why you think it has become so popular and what Depop did to help push it out there?

‘Thank you hehe! I think my brand is becoming more popular because I like to try and make it as personal and transparent as possible, whilst also having true core values that people can relate to and get on board with - sustainable fashion, being the main one. I feel like Depop is really great for promoting second-hand and slow fashion so using Depop as a platform helps me reach my target customers. It’s been a great way to gain new customers that wouldn’t stumble across my online store or Instagram - particularly internationally. I also love that there’s such a great community on there and it’s inspiring to see brands working together and supporting each other.’

What is your design process?

‘I start off with research - I looooove a Pinterest board and I love vintage fashion. For anything I make myself I find fashion inspiration from all eras so I’m constantly making research boards to inspire the things I create. Usually, I’m actually quite spontaneous with my design process and can be inspired by anything and want to make something from that, especially when I make one off pieces or up-cycled fashion. Even from making the sewing patterns, I kind of just wing it and keep going at it until it works out haha!’

What has Depop allowed you to gain that other platforms haven’t?

‘The community for sure! I haven’t got a huge following on Depop but I follow so many Depoppers on Instagram that are so lovely and everyone is so supportive of each other - it’s so lovely!’

Was it hard or easy to get where your brand is now through Depop?

‘For me personally, it’s been a lot of hard work and perseverance to get my brand where it is now! Depop has definitely helped me along the way but it’s still a continuous journey for me at the moment. It’s definitely not something that happens overnight.

What is your all time favourite piece from your collections?

‘Oooooo I think my fave piece was probably the two piece I created from some orange glittery curtains!! I completely winged the sewing pattern and it took me forever but was so worth it! So sassy and cute, I love a super extra puff sleeve!’

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