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1. If you photograph on a body you have a much better chance of selling an item. Customers would much rather be able to envision themselves wearing it rather than just seeing it on a hanger!

2. If you don’t have a camera invest in a Bluetooth ‘clicker and phone tripod’. It’s like $20 max and makes it much easier to take pictures of yourself quickly.

3. Less is more. People would much rather see a few items on their feed from you daily opposed to a 20 items blowing up every few days. I try to post between 3-7 items a day!

4. Don’t worry about if your pictures don’t look perfect when you’re just starting out, just keep posting and you’ll see how your style develops!

5. Consistency is key. Try to find an aesthetic with your images/poses and keep it consistent. Even if that just means using a filter, at least there will be a flow.

6. Try to keep your photos simple and clean! That doesn’t mean boring though. People want to know what they’re looking at when they’re swiping through their phone and your item has their attention for 0.2 seconds. If you have a plain background with nothing going on and just the item laid out or on your body, it’s much easier to know what you’re looking at.

7. Be open to offers! Having "open to reasonable offers" in my Depop bio has resulted in a significant amount of sales.

8. Be active! Post! Connect! Collaborate! Depop is your oyster and you are the pearl.

9. Be nice - As Paris Hilton said it in a YouTube video I watched recently, “it’s cool to be nice”.

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