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Rebekah is the founder of Pure Hope Clothing. Pure Hope Clothing is one-off, ethical and sustainable clothing brand based in London UK and handmade in Jaipur India. Rebekah works in partnership with a social project that runs a Women's Empowerment Sewing Project and child education NGO, providing free education for women and children living in low income areas of Jaipur. It’s really important that she partners with a manufacturer that shares her values and ethics for empowering women and supporting the community.

Last August, Rebekah travelled to India where she visited the sewing project, met the makers and sourced the fabrics for the Pure Hope Collection. She visited a bunch of material shops that sold industrial waste fabric, fabrics that big companies throw away, often to landfill. The low waste method of re-purposing materials to be made into something else is something she just loves. Just buying small batches of fabric so each item could be one-off and unique goes a long way. Bringing the fabrics to the workshop to be made by the women and seeing the high quality craftsmanship towards her designs was ‘lovely as they are so good at what they do and everything was made so beautifully’. What's great about the project is the ladies get paid fairly for everything they make, they work in safe conditions and are encouraged to learn and develop their sewing skills.

When Rebekah brought all the clothes home to London, she did photoshoots with some friends and posted the clothes on to Depop. For Pure Hope, Depop was a great way of getting her brand out there and making a little shop for themselves. ‘It's encouraging seeing people care more about sustainability and the people behind our clothing’. Rebekah said how she hopes ‘when people buy from Pure Hope Clothing they don’t just see a beautiful piece of clothing but a story of where the clothing came from and the women who made it’.

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