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How can we start being better to our planet and become more mindful consumers? A short feature written by @martabkk on Depop - founder and curator of Nothing Personal Vintage.

‘Want to do your bit to save the planet but having dietary restrictions seems too hard? Don’t worry… maybe you’re just not ready yet! Here’s some easy-to-do steps on how to help Mother Earth in day to day life.

Is ‘fresh out of the box’ or ‘brand new with tags’ really a good, empowering thing these days? No my dears it ain’t. Being a good consumer should make you feel good, not following adverts for fast fashion companies such as ‘having a bad day? Just buy yourself a £1 bikini made by children in Bangladesh to feel more sexy and worthy’. Simple as it is, buying second hand or not buying at all (borrowing or swapping instead) is one of the best things you can do. Production of those fast fashion cheap outfits generates more Co2 on a yearly scale than airlines and maritime shipping combined which gives us up to 10% of world emissions. Scary, isn’t it? If you really ‘have to’ buy a new piece to refresh your wardrobe invest in high quality items that you can resell when you’re ready to say your goodbyes. What’s better? Five handbags from fast fashion retailer that will end up on a landfill next season or one timeless classic – a Versace bag that will only gain more worth within the age. Fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Take a good care of clothes that you already have and appreciate them a bit more. Repair – take them to a local alterations store, support someone’s small business by occasion or invest in items with a lifetime warranty. You can find lists upon lists of sustainable brands online.

Buy in zero waste shops. Yup! Clothes take the longest time to recycle but what else is as bad? Single use plastic. If you have been blessed with zero waste shop in your city, take your empty container after soap, laundry liquid, a jar for pasta etc. They’re to refill and avoid producing even more rubbish. Psst.. I recently discovered zero waste shops are even cheaper than buying stuff from big general merchandise and groceries retailers who pack some products 6 times in non eco friendly wrappers and call it portion control. I think you really can control your portions by choosing exactly how much you want to buy and consume. Gram by gram, litre by litre.

Swap your spray deodorant that’s really bad for environment for one that isn’t. Reduce your impact on air pollution by buying eco friendly antiperspirant and not harming your health. Swap for a mineral oil and aluminium free stick – or if you’re feeling crafty make your own by using coconut oil, corn starch, baking soda and some essential oils to add a nice aroma.

Well, those are my top tips on becoming better version of your shopping self and striving to be a better consumer. Whatever you do, there is always some things that you can do better or more efficiently.

Shop less = produce less.

If you have to purchase, do it sustainably. For questions, feel free to direct message me over on my Instagram page @nothing.personal.vintage!’

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