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What draws you in to shopping on Depop?

‘I like the possibility of finding a one-off something special because that's how I see myself and I want garments and accessories to have that same vibe. I also love seeing things that maybe you missed the first time, it’s like shopping redemption!’

What is your most loved second hand piece of clothing?

‘I have this amazing full length black faux fur coat that I bought in my first year of uni, it's massive and makes me feel like I am about to step onto the set of Dynasty! I also have a couple of pairs of Second Hand Vivienne Westwood shoes which give me so much joy!’

Who do you look up to when it comes to fashion and style?

‘It's odd. I guess I don't look up to anyone because my sense of style comes from within which sounds super self-centred but it's just an expression of my deep understanding of who I am. Growing up I was obsessed with fashion and so I guess I have absorbed a lot of vintage Chanel, 90s Galliano at Givenchy, Dior and of course McQueen.’

You are a Freelance Writer, a Fashion Critic and a thriving LGBTQ+ Activist. How do you juggle these three jobs whilst looking so cool and collected?

‘Dressing is such a big part of who I am and I rely heavily on that to help me perform well. The clothes and make almost help me get into character, making it easier to speak on camera, record content and write in the mindset. My visual appearance is so key to my outputs.’

Is there a specific style or trend within fashion in the LGBTQ+ community?

‘I wouldn't say there is one clear trend, we're all so unique. I will say there are brands that many members of the community gravitate towards, like Lazy Oaf and Lucy & Yak. Think colour, bold statements and fun.’

Depop celebrates all types of fashion and people. Do you think this entices people in more than fast fashion brands that are more particular with what they sell?

‘I love that Depop allows all of us to find what we want and that is so good. Fast fashion only sells to versions of the same people, you can see people that only shop at certain brands all tend to blend into one which is fine but Depop allows you to truly express your individuality by providing so many unique products.’

Has fashion allowed you to express yourself?

‘1000%! Fashion was the key that unlocked my true self. Growing up, I struggled with knowing who I was. When I started buying my own clothes and playing with style then I began to see who I was. Now I'm very comfortable in who I am, clothes say so much about me. I know it is only fabric but they do so much talking and allow me to access all the facets of my personality.’

Do you think there is a place for that type of style on Depop whether it’s for shops or buyers?

‘I think there is and I think we are seeing it slowly creep in. Depop has so many unique items, that it feels like a haven for queer fashion tastes.’

How could incorporate sustainability and slow fashion on Depop with LGBTQ+ Activism?

‘One of the things that makes the queer community so wonderful is our awareness of the intersections we have in our lives. I think that sustainability and slow fashion goes hand in hand with LGBTQ+ activism. All causes need more people to be champions for them and so brands have this power to unite many communities on Depop.’

What kind of clothes are you most attracted to when scrolling through Depop?

‘I am always drawn to things I haven't seen before. I like to see unique pieces that truly make me smile. I also love to shop archive vintage pieces that are easier to afford second hand.’

Who are your favourite Depopper and why?

‘I adore @areaeighteen - Tom is killing the game. Bringing non-conformity, a community vibe as well as some killer items. They're also on Instagram and they are such an amazing account to follow!’

Do your three professions compliment each other well?

‘They do, separately they all match a part of my identity. I love where they meet and allow me to create diverse and interesting conversations and narratives that relate to our society and the way we as humans are living our lives today!’

What have you learnt from being an activist that you apply into your everyday life and style?

‘I have learnt the power of honesty and individuality. These are what activism need in order to succeed. I use these two principles in all my content and the way I dress. The way I approach life is as my turn self and the power in doing that is unlimited.’

What is your favourite era of fashion?

‘The 80s all the way! It’s the one period of time that I would love to go back to if I had the chance. I adore the power dressing, gender fluidity and excess!’

What is a big ‘no no' for you when shopping second hand garments?

‘Something that appears too good to be true, it probably is! I have seen so many scams on ‘Tik Tok story-times’ to know that I really don't want to get burnt!’

Does Depop help you when it comes to planning outfits? Not just for shopping but looking at what's out there and what's on trend?

‘I like that Depop has a young edge to it. Many buyers and sellers are the generation younger than me. I like to see what the kids are into and it helps me gauge what culture and moods are currently the zeitgeist. I also love to see how sellers style key pieces that make me fall in love with garments in my own wardrobe all over again.’

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