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We spoke to Sophia from the Depop shop Virtually Vintage aka @vrtlyvntg on how to get your shop noticed on the bustling online city that is Depop. Her shop began picking up momentum when she started to list items more frequently. The more hours she spent during the day sourcing new inventory, posting on social media and listing it on Depop, the more attention it drew to her Depop business.

@vrtllyvntg is something Sophia came up with a year ago. She’d been selling on another platform for 5 years and finally decided to branch out and make it into a real business using Depop. The aesthetic for Virtually Vintage was inspired by her friend Marcus, who introduced her to @biblegirl666’s brand @dragqueenmerch that is based off of an 8-bit video game. She loved the idea of selling vintage and nostalgic items/brands and thought to herself… ‘there’s nothing more nostalgic than an 8-bit game!’ Sophia didn’t just want her brand to be a simple shopping experience but a time trip experience. As you scroll through her shop, every cover shot is an 8-bit GIF that makes you feel like you’re inside of an old video game. From when Sophia started out, her shop has come ‘pretty far in such a short amount of time’. Sophia describes her shop as a 90s/Y2K slow fashion capsule that holds a nostalgic feel to it. Her pieces ‘take herself and other people who grew up during the early 2000’s back in time.’ Sophia says she still has ‘a long way to go but the more time I’ve dedicated to it, the more results I see. I now know what specific style of clothing I want to source, certain brands that do well and what marketing tactics draw the most attention.’

Sophia looks for inspiration everywhere, which enables her to come up with new ideas for her social posts and ways she can market her listings. She encourages her Depop and Instagram followers to connect with the business on both platforms to gain a wider sense of inspiration and to ensure she can learn from them about what they’d love to see sourced in the future. If they like an outfit that is put together on @vrtlyvntg it allows her to evolve the business and keep it interesting and that’s how she continues to push her brand into the online sphere.

Recognising what items are her most popular pieces on Depop and stocking similar pieces and trends help to bring in more followers too. This helps to maintain Virtually Vintage’s social presence and keeps it in the spotlight. Sophia stated how she tries to ‘be as flexible as possible with pricing, package my sales nicely and shipping in a timely manner to promote both returning customers and good reviews’. This keeps her followers growing and coming back for more. We also asked her if it’s important to keep her followers engaged and how she does this and found out that is most certainly is. Sophia does this mainly on her Instagram where she’ll occasionally post a poll or a question sticker on Instagram stories which allows her followers to provide their own input. ‘I’m always engaging in conversation with them, whether it’s on Depop or Instagram and making sure they’re always up to date on anything related to my business.’

Getting your shop out there isn’t easy by any means. It takes a lot of time to really get noticed and sometimes can feel like you aren’t making any progress but every day and every post is pushing your brand further and further into the right direction! Some people struggle to grow a following from a combination of things. Sophia says that a lack of branding and communication really makes brand growth drop. ‘Your brand is what makes your business recognisable and that’s extremely important to the individuality and attraction towards it’. Whilst promoting and trying to grow Virtually Vintage, owner Sophia expressed how communication is key too. If she doesn’t keep a customer in the loop it can make them stray away from her business. She takes it seriously and always stays on top of it. Those are they key factors Sophia lives and breathes to ensure her business stays big and popular.

We asked Sophia what are three things she has learnt during her time as Depopper and she came back with some very insightful tips. ‘Be open to constructive criticism and opinions, put in the work no matter what the results are (even if there’s none at the moment) and the most important one - immerse yourself in the community!’. She said that making friends with other Depop sellers and asking for their feedback really helped her too. It’s crucial to support one another!

Getting noticed is the first thing that sets off the drive and determination to do even more. The biggest thing Sophia learnt is to be 100% accurate with your items description! She told us that it’s very easy to miss small holes or damage and triple checking before items are sent out and notifying the buyer before sending it, is the easiest way to avoid any conflict! ‘Adding measurements to the description or the option to provide them upon request is important to the accuracy of the fit and another way to avoid an unhappy buyer’. This gets you your 5 star ratings and helps your shop to look ‘spick and span’.

And there we have it. Some tips on getting your Depop shop and sustainable baby noticed from none other than @vrtlyvntg’s owner!

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