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Me: A few years ago, I was a retail addict – an avid online shopaholic, among a closet overflowing with unworn clothes.

Now here's the punch line. Though my closet was flooded with garments, I somehow never had anything to wear! Sound familiar?

Every piece that hung in my closet was bought with good intentions. However, I had no clue how to shop for versatile clothing or utilize garments in multiple ways. I felt overwhelmed so I bought more clothes to diversify my wardrobe - therein which lay my problem.

Versatile pieces are essential when it comes to building a sustainable wardrobe. They are the pieces you can often reach for. Regardless of the occasion, you can wear versatile clothing in different ways to create multiple looks, ultimately cut down on the need to buy more. In other words, create more looks with fewer clothes. (Goodbye clutter!) Think of them as the strong foundation you can build on that adds value to your wardrobe.

Back in my shopaholic anon days, I had limited style. The way I saw garments displayed on mannequins was the only way I understood how to wear them. Nevertheless, since joining the Depop community, I have learnt to reimagine garments beyond their basic function.

The following leopard print scarf is one of my favourite accessories that my mother dearest gifted to me. Its primary function is being worn around the neck or head. Yet here are a few more ways you can wear your scarves at home.

Despite only a few garments currently occupy my closet space – all are versatile pieces, which I love. My personal style has undoubtedly developed. I have learned how to look and feel my best by creating multiple stylish fits with less. I confidently know what I love to wear and what I don't and that will continue as I slowly build the wardrobe I have always dreamed of having.

I only hope you can do the same.

P.s - If you don't have a scarf in your wardrobe, I suggest you invest in one. I use the word 'invest' intentionally because that is indeed what you will be doing. Pieces like my scarf will give you more bang for your buck than suppose, a garment you can only wear on limited occasions.

Happy styling!

Written by Akeesha Browne, Founder of @xcolorfulhue / @thegirlwiththecolorfulhue

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