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What has been the biggest struggle whilst being on lockdown for your Depop life?

‘I’d say the biggest struggles are not being able to go out and source by hand and also the infrequent posting definitely! Every time I pass a charity shop on my weekly post day, I wanna stare longingly inside with my hands pressed to the window.. soon my love, soon.’

How have you overcome them?

‘I source all of my stock online now on eBay etc, anywhere you can find pre owned gold! I also bought from my first bulk wholesaler, was so excited when it all arrived.’

What are you doing differently?

‘During isolation I post once a week and try and keep as busy as possible during with what I have to work with. My sister and I bought a sewing machine! We wanna try our hand at handmade scrunches and tops in future.’

What have you been able to keep doing the same?

‘Not much as changed realistically, in fact my sales have gone up a bit luckily! I’m really enjoying sourcing online, and I’ve been working on a rebrand.’

Did you ever feel a sense of worry that your shop may decrease in sales when the lockdown was announced?

‘I was a bit scared to begin with, as I assumed most would be more wary with their money but it’s been quite the opposite in fact. I suppose people now have more time to browse for gems and plan their sustainable wardrobes.’

Have you noticed any differences in your shops success since being in isolation?

‘An increase in sales and activity, especially during the day. Most of my activity used to come around at night or in the early morning when people were commuting to work.’

How have you coped with lockdown and not being able to do things that you have to do when shopping?

‘It‘s been tough as I’m sure it has been for everyone else. Not being able to see friends and family and run my business to it’s full potential. Finding new avenues to take is quite fulfilling and I feel like I’ve got into a nice routine.’

How are you still getting new stock?

All online! Wholesalers, preowned clothing websites etc.’

What is your opinion on fast fashion brands tapping into Coronavirus and using it as a marketing strategy to make more sales?

‘Would expect nothing less really. I’ve been seeing advertisements everywhere, ‘lounge wear sales’ especially 50% off deals left right and centre. They’re obviously losing sales massively due to stores being closed and trying to save face. They try to make people feel like they’re missing fantastic deals if they don’t act now. I bet companies like Boohoo + Nastygal see this situation as a financial goldmine as practically their whole customer base is sitting at home browsing out of boredom. Perfect time to peddle their unethical, poor quality wares. Same old, same old.’

Have you noticed a difference in people’s spending habits?

‘I think the people who buy from me are typically looking for unique singular pieces, staple pieces, or sometimes bundled outfits. Sales have increased a bit and I trust people to only be buying when they can afford it and they’re investment pieces.’

Has this time made you think of anything you’re going to do differently with your shop and its Depop processes?

‘I definitely want my shop to be more curated now. Only selling specific items, things I love and would wear myself. When stock buying, I would like to avoid things I know could sell, as apposed to things that fit into a clear aesthetic.’

What’s the first Depop related thing you’re going to do once lock down is over?

‘Go to my favourite charity shop, straight up!’

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