Heavily inspired by Jacquemus Imagery 2 book and Summer trends of escapism and fluidity, 'From This Earth' captures a feminine, sustainable wardrobe complimented by the powerful model Tadiwa on a sunny Beach in South East England.

Green Cardigan - Depop @luciegal

Green Trousers - Cancer Research

Scarf - Ebay

Suede Top - Shelter Charity

Stripe Trousers - Scope

Beige Bag - MiuMiu from Depop @aperahia

Cream Blazer - Scope Charity

Cream Skirt - Oxfam

Cream Bag - DKNY from Depop @janettojo

Model - Tadiwa (Tad) Musa

IG: @t.adiwa

Creative/Styling/Photographer - Rae Martins

IG: @raemartins @pappedbyrae

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