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‘Sustaining a balance between a small business and traveling is something I never thought I’d deal with and successfully manage. Then again, there’s a lot that I never thought I would do at the ripe age of 20. I’d like to erase the social normality of living life waiting for the future. We as a whole have come to terms with having to build up your whole life before going off and seeing the world. If you look beyond, you’ll find that working and living can coexist. We create our reality as we breathe, making the most of it, is up to you.

As soon as I walked off the stage of my senior year of high school I was preparing for a journey of growth ahead of me that went beyond the limits of my everyday small town living. What I didn’t expect was to have my small business grow with me along the way. I started Depop when I was 15 years old. Just a girl in her bedroom that had way too much clothes and wanted to make room for more. Thankfully, fashion and thrifting have always been a part of my life, I knew that this was my hustle and that I was actually good at it. I naturally just became obsessed with my online job and carried on with it through the rest of my school years. After school, I basically jumped on a plane to Hawaii, lived there like a true hippie for a month at a eco-feminist hostel and magically fell in love with someone I hitched a ride with. Not having a clear sense of direction in life, I was ready to keep exploring. However, money is a necessity and I couldn’t help but feel an impending doom leading to my bank account. I was back in California and after being changed by my Hawaiian experience, I wanted to get rid of everything I owned so I could live happily and free with ease (with some exceptions).

Life has been an adventurous rollercoaster since, I met up with my future boyfriend to road trip all around California two months after Hawaii and then we made the decision to live in Australia for three months after that. Living out of vans, RvV’s and even a sailboat at one point. I was still making sales and finding ways to ship out and continue business as usual. I thrift wherever I go and Depop is still my backbone to this day. I have grown such a strong and deep connection to our natural world through my journey and it has reflected in the way I run my shop. I use biodegradable poly mailers or reuse old boxes for bundle packages. Everything in my shop has either come straight out of my closet or second hand stores. I even get donations from friends and family from time to time. Everything I wear is second hand, uniquely picked and the greener choice. My next step is to expand my business and bring it IRL. I want to join swap parties, sell at markets and connect with people about sustainable fashion. It is our future after all.’

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