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Do you mostly shop on Depop?

‘At the moment yes mostly on Depop! I only really buy second hand clothing from vintage and charity shops and then online from Depop and eBay but since we’re in isolation I can only look online!’

Why do you love second-hand/vintage clothes so much?

‘A large part of it is the sustainability aspect. I very rarely buy new and from fast fashion brands, buying second hand is both cheaper and better for the planet!! What I wear has always been a big part of my identity and there is a satisfaction to finding unique gems that not everyone will have. I study fashion history and so vintage fashion will always be of interest to me!’

Do you think you’ll always shop on Depop?

‘I’d like to think I’ll always strive to consume sustainably and buy second hand so if that means always using Depop then yes!’

What would you do if Depop suddenly closed down and discontinued?

‘My bank account would take a sigh of relief but I’d probably just continue to shop on eBay.’

Have you ever bought an item on Depop and regretted it?

‘Nothing I’d say I regret buying. I’ve definitely bought a couple items that didn’t end up fitting right or suiting me but I just went on to resell them on Depop myself!’

What is your most loved Depop bought garm?

‘That’s a tough one as majority of my favourite clothes were bought on Depop! It would possibly be either an insane full length victorian style coat with fur collar and cuffs - its’ dark brown, my favourite winter coat and was only £40!! Some sick renaissance print jeans by Moschino my boyfriend got me for Christmas or my vintage leather knee high boots - they go with everything.’

How does it feel to be buying from small businesses and supporting them rather than big fast fashion brands?

‘It does give a certain level of satisfaction knowing your money is going to an individual or small brand rather than a corporation and of course, it’s better for the planet!’

What do you love the most about being a Depop buyer?

‘Still being able to shop sustainably but from home!’

Depop is FULL of clothes. How do you sift through and find exactly what you’re looking for?

’The made for you section is pretty good at finding things I might like based on my likes/searches and if not I always look at the profiles featured on it and then I might find some things I like! A lot of the time I have an idea in my head inspired by something I’ve seen and then I can look for similar things.’

Out of the many amazing shops on Depop, who are your all time favourites?

‘@ramona_ramona sells beautiful pieces. I’ve only bought one thing from her but I want everything!!

@melonylemon is a good one too, she's a stylist so she always has fun stuff. Shops @pink_ink and @inspiritvintage sell good vintage pieces too!’

Are there any shops you buy from regularly?

‘Nope. I definitely check out the pages of certain shops (like the ones mentioned previously) but I pretty much just buy from whomever I like be it a shop or just a person.’

What’s the feeling you get when your Depop parcel finally arrives?

‘I guess excitement! I love getting something new and then figuring out different ways to style it!’

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