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When did Depop come into your life?

‘I remember this so clearly. It was March 2018 when I went to my first Elrow event. I brought an Easy Tiger bodysuit which was like £100 and I downloaded Depop to sell it after and then the rest is history!’

What type of clothes do you find yourself more drawn towards when shopping on Depop?

‘Definitely festival style clothing like little tops, co-ords and shorts. I shop for Dolls Kill brands especially like Sugar Thrillz and Dellias because shopping on the Doll's Kill site is a pain as it's based in the USA, meaning you have to pay a lot for shipping and then custom chargers. So when you find a good bargain on Depop it's very satisfying! I also buy lots of festival accessories like the bubble bags and head bands necklaces on there.

What is your most loved Depop purchase?

‘It’s got to be my Easy Tiger star two piece I wore for halloween when I went as a unicorn.’

Who do you think is Depop biggest users?

Definitely Uni students and those around the age range of 18-25. Style wise, I think people who love unique vintage designer items are a big portion of Depop’s audience. I also think people who love events/festivals/Ibiza are another area of audience because so many brands start up on Depop selling wholesale stock of festival wear.’

Do you have any top tips when searching through the sea of clothes on the app?

‘If you're looking for festival clothes just search 'dolls kill' as so many really cool items will come up! Otherwise I go through my fave influencers on Instagrams saved list on their profile haha so ‘stalkerish’ I know but then I find good accounts through them.’

How would you rate Depop?

‘9/10! The only thing which annoys me sometimes is how much stock you have to go through because people just tag every popular brand in their listing so their items come up in searches, so sometimes irrelevant things come up. If Depop could fix this somehow it would be 10/10 for sure.’

Why do you think Depop is so popular among the current generation?

‘I think there used to be a lot of negative connotations surrounding it which put people off. Some of my friends used to not use it because they are worried they'll get scammed but I think once you've made one purchase you're then hooked! It's just all down to downloading the app and making the first purchase. With the increase in fast fashion and people buying outfits they'll wear once to an event or festival, people are probably using Depop more to sell these outfits and it's kinda making the fast fashion system somehow nearly sustainable?’

Would you ever consider using another platform like Depop or will you forever a loyal Depop user?

‘Never. I wouldn't even know how to use eBay or Etsy they look so confusing. I am hooked on Depop forever!!!’

Do you ever try and bargain with sellers to get a cheaper deal?

‘Erm, not really no haha. I always feel so awkward but I sometimes ask if they could include it with shipping the price. I get so angry at people who are just so cheeky with asking for cheaper deals!’

What Depoppers are you loving right now?

‘I seriously love @vintroomclothing, @00princessshit and @chloelouisedesigns!’

Have you ever been scammed on Depop?

‘Nope, never (yet fingers crossed!). Although the first time I bought something from Depop the parcel got lost so I did think I had been scammed but then I got it in the end!’

What would you love to see on Depop that isn’t already a feature?

‘Something to make shopping easier when filtering items down and to not having to go through so many irrelevant items.’

Do you have your own Depop shop?

‘Yes it’s @chloedavie123. I just sell all my old festival outfits!’

In light of new trends, which is your current fave?

‘Head scarves! They're so cute.’

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