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I started selling on Depop at age 15 in between my GCSE studies at school, usually selling hand-me-downs from older siblings and at such a young age I never expected to be a full time seller.

I will never forget the small milestones such as reaching 100 sales and gaining followers. These small achievements motivated me and made me realise that I could expand business further. At this point I was 16, I quit my job and started to educate myself about shopping sustainably, learning where our clothes were sourced from and started following the slow fashion movement. I quickly became passionate and decided that I want to spread this message and educate others meanwhile selling on Depop.

Every weekend, myself and my partner Nathan (who is Co-Founder of @BeckyDoesVintage) would attend Vintage Kilo Sales and source our stock from local charity shops. On Depop, progress was picking up quickly and we decided we needed to do more. This led me to drop out of college to solely focus on selling and developing my business and entrepreneurial skills.

We started to save clothing that was going to landfill and give these clothes a new lease of life and that is where our current stock is sourced from.

At school I was never academically clever and I couldn't stand it. When I was at school I used to sit at my desk in the same place every day and daydream about having my own business and being my own boss and I made that dream come true.

Along the way we have been inspired by many, one of our main inspirations being the staff at @VintageVera who have always supported us from the start and we have learnt alot from them since starting our Depop shop.

One of my missions is to educate others about shopping sustainability, defining slow and fast fashion and where our clothes are made. In 2020, we delivered a series of five workshops to children aged 8-18 in Newcastle City Centre. These sessions were based at a local youth centre and included an interactive educational learning experience with games, activities and presentations all about promoting slow fashion. Through these workshops we reached around 75 local children. From a survey we conducted, 100% of children who attended these sessions came away learning something new about sustainable fashion.

Currently, our Depop shop and social media accounts are continuously growing and sales are higher than ever. We continue to be slow fashion advocates and have some amazing things lined up for 2021!

Written by Becky Palmer @beckydoesvintage

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